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Ramadan Offerings

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Salaam Alykum to all as we get ready to enter this year's holy month of Ramadan!

Allah has led me to be of service wherever I can and throughout our holy month of Ramadan I would like to be of service to you through my Heart Creations creative counseling program. As we are still living in the midst of the pandemic all sessions are held via zoom and the free offering is good for up to 2 sessions of one hour each. This is in order to make sure there is time available to all who are interested in this program.

Heart Creations is a guided program, I was inspired to create, that allows you to reach deeply within and connect to the creative forces Allah has gifted to us all. It is appropriate for all ages and abilities and is held in a space of total non-judgement. The initial session begins with a series of exercises that encourage you to get to know your tools, their various abilities and the feelings that arise in you when you experience these tools.(in session one your tools are paper and crayons). After this, the session becomes more personalized as, together, we walk through the feelings you experience, utilizing some of our Sufi practices along the way. In a single hour most people are amazed at the difference they feel and the mercy that comes to them.

This initial session can easily be your only session if you so choose, but if you decide to continue then every session from there is completely personalized. Each week we would meet for one hour and continue walking together through connecting your heart to your hands and gradually disconnecting your mind from the process as our thinking brain is a major obstacle to our feeling hearts.

Email me today to schedule your session.

May God bless your path with knowledge and light that will help to enlighten your heart!

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