Community Resources

Below, you will find a list of various teachers, healers, class courses and retreat centers which have been a vital part of my personal walking. For more information about each one simply click the name at the top of their description box to be taken to their website.


Universal Chaplaincy established to train chaplains to answer questions pertaining to one’s faith and care for the individual’s spiritual wellness, and her relationship with God. The chaplain facilitates a way for the individual to cope with life's challenges, to find meaning in life, explore new possibilities, enhance their awareness of the sacredness of life, and discover a source of inner joy, and peace. The chaplain, like a physician, provides compassionate spiritual care for everyone without discrimination.

150 acres nestled between other farms, state game-lands, and the stunning foot hills of the nearby Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania. A two-hour drive from Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Pittsburgh, the Farm of Peace features a retreat and healing center, a working farm and a spiritual community.

Debra Graugnard has made it her lifelong mission to help others free themselves from self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.
Purpose-driven and extensively trained in spiritual and energetic healing, natural and holistic self-care, Debra gently and compassionately guides her clients, primarily women, on a journey to profoundly and intimately know themselves – body, mind, heart, and spirit.

We’re all nourished in different ways, and what you need to heal and thrive depends on a variety of factors—your constitution, where you live, and seasonal changes to name a few. My goal is to help you find the path to health and vitality that’s right for you. My work is based on a blend of Chinese medicine, whole food nutrition, and heart-centered practices that will put the power of healing back in your own hands.